12/4 Update Preview

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Hello, Commanders!
In order to provide you a better gaming experience, Star Lusts will be undergoing maintenance on 2023/12/4 14:00 (UTC+8).
Players won't be able to log in to the game during the maintenance. Please ensure you've bound your account to avoid losing any progress made.

※After the update, the game needs to be redownloaded and reinstalled. If the version number is 1.3.0, it means the update has been successful.

♥ Update Details ♥

  1. New Characters
    ★SSR Machi, Sea Slug Symbiote

  2. [Machi! An Unprecedented Pursuit!] Limited Summon

  • Availability: 2023/12/04 (post maintenance)~2023/12/25 03:59 (UTC+8)
  • Probability of summoning [SSR Machi, Sea Slug Symbiote] increased!
  • Probability of summoning Exclusive Weapons for [SSR Machi, Sea Slug Symbiote] increased!
  • Please see the Summon page for detailed probabilities.
  1. Inner Demon Challenges are available for the following characters
    ★SSR Machi, Sea Slug Symbiote

Inner Demon Challenge is also available!
Overcome their inner demons and get to know Machi even better!

  1. [Machi! An Unprecedented Pursuit!] Limited Event
  • Clear the event stages to collect Chasing Points and event tokens to obtain Summon Tickets, Gear Blueprint, rare materials, Coins and abundant rewards in "Ultimate Chase" and "Exchange Shop"!
  • Event Stages Availability: 2023/12/04 (post maintenance)~2023/12/25 03:59 (UTC+8)
  • Additional Challenge Stages Availability: 2023/12/11 14:00~2023/12/25 03:59 (UTC+8)
  • Event Entrance, Ultimate Chase Reward, Store Availability: 2023/12/04 (post maintenance)~2023/12/26 03:59 (UTC+8)
  1. [Machi! An Unprecedented Pursuit!] Log-In Rewards
  • Availability: 2023/12/05 04:00 ~ 2023/12/25 03:59:59 (UTC+8)
  1. New [Machi! An Unprecedented Pursuit!] Bundles
  • Availability: 2023/12/04 (post maintenance)~2023/12/25 03:59 (UTC+8)
  • Purchase Limit: Twice per bundle

Celebrity Photo Set:

  • Contents: Free Crystals x100, General Summon Ticket x10

Autographed Photo Set:

  • Contents: Free Crystals x500, General Summon Ticket x20, Cosmos Gold x3,000

Deluxe Photo Set:

  • Contents: Free Crystals x1,000, General Summon Ticket x30, Cosmos Gold x10,000

Premium Photo Set:

  • Contents: General Summon Ticket x50, Star Fragment x1, Cosmos Gold x20,000

Machi's Supply Pack:

  • Contents: Free Crystals x600, Gear Summon Ticket x10

Machi's Supply Pack (+):

  • Contents: Gear Summon Ticket x40
  1. New Character Bundles
  • Availability: Long-term sale
  • Purchase Limit: Once per bundle
  • Requirements: Must have obtained the corresponding character and reached the designated level.

Machi, Sea Slug Symbiote Breakthrough Pack:

  • Requirements: Machi, Sea Slug Symbiote reaches LV. 10
  • Contents: Character Fragment (Machi, Sea Slug Symbiote) x50, Free Crystals x1,000, Cosmos Gold x100,000

Machi, Sea Slug Symbiote Supply Pack:

  • Requirements: Machi, Sea Slug Symbiote reaches LV. 30
  • Contents: random SSR Gear x1, Shared Blueprint (SR) x3, Weapon Boost Chip x3,000, Armor Boost Chip x3,000, Microchip Boost Chip x3,000, Drone Boost Chip x3,000, Cosmos Gold x15,000

▼Optimizations and Fixes

  1. Typo fixes.
  2. Artwork fixes.
  3. Display interface optimization.
  4. Optimized the process for claiming mission rewards.
  5. Added information on character attack styles and birthdays.
  6. Optimized the freezing effect on bosses.

Star Lusts Team

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