11/20 Update Complete Announcement

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Hello, Commanders!
Thank you for your patience. The emergency maintenance for Star Lusts is complete!

♥ Update Details ♥

  1. New Characters
    ★SSR Mu, the Sea Urchin Mimic

  2. Special [Limited-Time PickUp Summon]

  • Availability: 2023/11/20 (post maintenance)~2023/12/11 03:59 (UTC+8)
  • Probability of summoning the limited character [SSR Mu, the Sea Urchin Mimic] increased!
  • Probability of summoning the exclusive weapon [SSR Totentanz] for [SSR Mu, the Sea Urchin Mimic] increased!
  • After the event ends, [SSR Mu, the Sea Urchin Mimic] and [SSR Totentanz] will not be added to the General Summon pool.
  • Please see the Summon page for detailed probabilities.
  1. Main Story
  • [Chapter 7 - To Catch a Mimic] available.
  1. [Descent! Princess of Machines!] Limited Event

In the event stage, a certain number of Event Points will be dropped. Collect Event Points to obtain Descent Tokens and plentiful rewards such as upgrade materials and Summon Tickets.
These Descent Tokens can only be used for this event. They can be exchanged in the event store for the event exclusive Luminous Synthetic drone and other products.

  • Event Stages Availability: 2023/11/20 (post maintenance)~2023/11/27 03:59 (UTC+8)
  • Event Entrance, Store, Points Reward Availability: 2023/11/20 (post maintenance)~2023/11/28 03:59 (UTC+8)
  1. New Character Bundles
  • Availability: Long-term sale
  • Purchase Limit: Once per bundle
  • Requirements: Must have obtained the corresponding character and reached the designated level.

Mu, the Sea Urchin Mimic Breakthrough Pack:

  • Requirements: Mu, the Sea Urchin Mimic reaches LV. 10
  • Contents: Character Fragment Mu, the Sea Urchin Mimic x50, Free Crystals x1,000, Cosmos Gold x100,000

Mu, the Sea Urchin Mimic Support Pack:

  • Requirements: Mu, the Sea Urchin Mimic reaches LV. 30
  • Contents: random SSR Gear x1, Shared Blueprint (SR) x3, Weapon Boost Chip x3,000, Armor Boost Chip x3,000, Microchip Boost Chip x3,000, Drone Boost Chip x3,000, Cosmos Gold x15,000
  1. Limited Bundles
  • Availability: 2023/11/20 (post maintenance)~2023/12/04 03:59 (UTC+8)
  • Purchase Limit: Once per bundle

Aid Pack:

  • Contents: Free Crystals x100, General Summon Ticket x10

Primordial Courtesan Aid Pack (+):

  • Contents: Free Crystals x1,000, General Summon Ticket x30, Universe Saplings x20, Alien Worms x20, Rare Larvae x20, Cosmos Gold x10,000

▼Optimizations and Fixes

  1. Optimized the enemies' actions.
  2. Fixed the issue of abnormal counting in low-probability periodic missions.
  3. Fixed the issue where the skills of "Karell, the Octopus Mimic" and "Pyra, the Faint Crow" are not able to remove the enemies' bullets.

[Compensation Content]
Emergency Maintenance Compensation: Crystals x200
How to claim: mailbox
Redeem period: Post Update ~ 2023/11/23 03:59 (UTC+8)

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by the emergency maintenance to all Commanders.
If you encounter any issues during the game, please feel free to contact us at We'll be providing you with the best service!

Star Lusts Team

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